Re-architecting banking software around the consumer

See how Elements Financial Federal Credit Union unifies consumer experiences across their portfolio

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We had a crazy idea for a simple revolution.
Put people at the center of banking.

Seamlessly connecting their information.
Their hopes. Their lives.
Connecting everything.


A cloud banking platform designed to work across products and channels

As consumers apply for loans or open a deposit account, Blend enables financial services firms to deliver a seamless 'know me' experience that includes personalized cross-sell offers.


Powering end-to-end consumer journeys

We streamline the journey from application to close for mortgages, consumer loans, and deposit accounts. Our products deliver one-stop shopping experiences through integrated marketplaces where consumers can shop for realtors, insurance, and other services.


A flexible, modular architecture that accelerates innovation

We enable our customers to respond with greater agility to changing market conditions. Our software is highly configurable, and we support the rapid development of new banking products through low-code, drag-and-drop development tools.

A shared vision for the homeownership journey

See how Lennar Mortgage uses Blend to help consumers achieve their dream of buying a home

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Consumers live in a
seamlessly connected world.

We think banks should too.


If your customer can’t open a deposit account in as little as 3 minutes
are they still your customer?


If there’s no more paper,
is it still paperwork?

We are re-architecting banking, around the consumer.