Engineering solutions to huge challenges

We’re building modern technology for an industry with old problems, transforming operational inefficiencies into solutions that positively impact millions of homeowners.

A $10 trillion industry run on fax machines and spreadsheets.

Mortgages today is a multi-trillion dollar industry that is completely underserved through existing technologies. Both mortgage lenders and borrowers are hurting: costs for originations remain high, borrowers endure an endless back-and-forth collecting, signing, and sending loan documents, and compliance is becoming exponentially more challenging through increasing rules and regulations.

  • Increased Costs
  • Inefficient Communication
  • Increased Regulation

Blend is a Silicon Valley product company building technology to power and transform enterprises to meet these challenges of modern mortgage lending.

We come from the technology and mortgage sectors, with a commitment to improve the future of lending.

We’re a blend of engineers, designers, and product professionals with deep tech experience who are committed to building the future of enterprise software. We believe this future requires transforming manual, cumbersome workflows and huge data systems into simple and delightful products.



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