Say hello to Blend’s new brand identity | Mortgage and Consumer Banking

Say hello to a new Blend

Over the past seven years, we’ve helped shape a new system of lending based on transparency, access, security, and keeping things simple for lenders and consumers. While we’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done, we know we’ve only just begun.

Today we’re excited to release a new brand identity that better captures and articulates our promise of delivering brighter financial futures for everyone.

A renewed focus

When I helped launch the Blend brand in early 2014, we were a small team motivated by the belief that we could make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans by fundamentally changing how institutions offer financial products to their customers. We started first with home lending.

But as any scaling business knows, communicating the value of a product that’s expanding as quickly as its customer base is an especially heuristic exercise.

We’ve seized on opportunities to broaden our impact by improving not just mortgage, but products across consumer banking, as well as services core to the home-buying process, like homeowner’s insurance.

We’ve grown to a team of 400. With that comes not just the collective insight of in-house industry experts, engineers, data scientists, and designers, but also a trusted network of customers, partners, and market leaders.

Together, we’re better equipped to identify and understand the opportunity that lies ahead, and Blend’s unique role in powering it.

And though our network and platform have grown, our core beliefs have not. We know in order to best express the Blend brand across an expansive ecosystem, now and in the future, means reimagining the way we show up.

A more expressive language

Every financial goal tells a story of a family, a future, a dream. For too long, these moments have been marked by frustrating tools and disparate systems.

We believe in crafting holistic journeys across financial products and services through a unified digital platform, in turn deepening the relationships and trust consumers have with their financial institutions.

From the construction of our logo to how we showcase technology in concert with the lives of those it touches, our brand aims to show Blend’s unique value as a catalyst to independence, mobility, progress.

So while our commitment has not changed, we’ve crafted an identity system to more simply and powerfully express it, celebrating the people at the center of these experiences and the journeys designed to guide them along their financial goals.

A singular Blend experience

You’ll see our consumer banking and mortgage product suites — and the services that cohere those journeys, like Blend Insurance Agency — begin to share a consistent expression. Our brand is who we are, and all of our experiences will soon reflect it.

Above all, what you can expect is honest, accessible language and visuals to more authentically signal Blend’s mission of bringing simplicity and transparency to consumer finance.

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