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What Blend Workspace can do for you

Today’s consumers are more empowered than ever in driving the mortgage process. Although many want more digital means to self-serve, they also prefer the in-person guidance of a professional during critical moments. How can lenders meet these conflicting demands?

Originators should be equipped with modern tools. Tools that enable faster, more personalized financial guidance. Tools that facilitate support wherever the consumer needs help – even if that’s in their own living room.

The Blend Workspace gives loan officers the modern experience they need to meet today’s consumers wherever they are and manage the tasks needed to close more loans, all with less effort.

Support customers wherever they are

“Digital or in-person?” is an outdated question. Instead, it’s time to ask: How can I provide a top-class experience across all channels? How can I provide a path for consumers to seamlessly jump from one channel to the next?

The Workspace helps loan officers account for every scenario. You can quickly take down a consumer’s information over the phone and send them a pre-filled application, draft a full application if they want to come into the office, or send a link for them to complete the app on their own time.

Regardless of which path the consumer pursues, a loan officer can provide guidance at any moment with Blend Co-pilot, our real-time collaboration tool. Help consumers feel secure, knowing you can jump in at any time. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to diagnose exactly where a consumer is getting stuck.

Instant access to the tools you need to provide financial guidance

While consumers want more control, they also want the best advice. Blend integrates core lending tools into the Workspace. You’ll have streamlined access to the information you need to offer a truly personalized expertise.

        • Pull credit? Check.
        • Check rates and select products from their pricing engine? Check check.
        • Verify assets? That’s a check.
        • Re-verify income and employment integration with The Work Number®? You got it.

All this and more, right within Blend.

Harness intelligence to process loans faster

The market has shifted to more purchase business. Inventory is tight across the U.S. As a result, speed and operational efficiency are more important than ever for converting leads before competitors have a chance to steal them away.

Blend uses artificial intelligence to identify potential issues in real time. Blend Intelligence recommends loan conditions based on past lender behavior and determines which conditions are missing upstream, rather than downstream. Spot large deposits based on connected bank account data. Identify credit inquiries, previous addresses, and late payments based on automated credit pulls. Intelligence can suggest or automatically request follow-up documentation to satisfy unmet conditions.

The Blend Workspace contains a dashboard for managing these conditions as well as any other requests made of the borrower. Stay on top of everything needed to close the loan, including all disclosures. Incredible automation combined with better visibility and tracking has helped Blend customers shave up to seven days from their funding process.

There’s more on the way

With a tightening market and increasing competition, providing a differentiated level of service and customer experience will be key for originators to succeed. Our approach to unifying the lending experience and bringing borrowers and lenders closer together, regardless of channel, gives originators a competitive edge.

Get equipped with the initial tools you need to grow your business in today’s market. We’ll keep adding new features to the toolbox with our weekly release cycle.