Banker WorkspacePersonal, automated, and omnichannel

June 29, 2023
10-10:30 am PT

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Discover how bankers can increase conversion rates and elevate the consumer experience

Bankers must support numerous financial products today including credit card, deposit account, and auto loans. Consumers are also leveraging several channels across online, call center, and branch. The resulting matrix creates a lot of friction such as siloed systems, generic service, and manual processes.

During this live event, you’ll learn how Banker Workspace can break through these challenges and enable bankers to provide personalized experiences and automate back office processes all through a single omnichannel platform.

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Who you’ll hear from

Byron Poplawski Headshot
Byron Poplawski

Product Manager

Cassandra Stumer headshot
Cassandra Stumer

Brand Marketing Lead

Gaurav Nagla headshot
Gaurav Nagla

Product Management